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Major events

2012 International Women's Day

On March 8, the international women’s day, as part of the annual festival « Fous de la Rampe » organized by the Maison de l’Etudiant of the University of Caen, the Institute will sponsor the play entitled “Sous les pierres ma chair”, presented by students of the amateur theatre group “Les Organiks”.


At the end of the performance, Marie Anne Soubré M’Barki, lawyer to the Bar of Val d’Oise and General Secretary and spokeswoman of “Ni pute ni soumise” will lead a debate on the following  theme: “Women of the world: what are their rights?”


This show deals with stoning, and the vast majority of victims are women. It indicates on women’s conditions all over the world: in some countries they are discriminated upon. This phenomenon is set up and legalized, which leads to the total annihilation of their rights as regards economic, social and political life.





« The first rocks which are used to inflict death by stoning shall not be as big as killing the person sentenced to death after being hit by one or two; neither shall they be so small as to be called something else than rock.” Article 104 of the Iranian Penal Code.


In Hadiths, islamic laws, stoning is mentioned as the retribution for adultery for a married man or a married woman. Some verses in the Koran mention sanctions, but none of them mentions stoning.


Death by stoning is a torture which is still being used in some countries where Sharia law is in force: Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen among others. Cases of stoning have also been signaled in the Iranian Kurdistan and in Nepal (perpetrated by the Nepalese Maoist guerilla). Wikipedia Source.


Allegedly, “stoning is used against both men and women”: but statistics show than the stoning torture is mostly used against women:


Graphique - Lapidations Iran

Number of stonings in Iran



Men inflict it in groups, as reveal many videos available online. Women’s stoning is a cowardly, barbarous and inhuman act. An amendment regarding the abolition of stoning has recently been added to the Iranian Penal Code. However, according to the Financial Times, no precise date has been given for its entry into force.


We can only hope that tomorrow will be the day of the abolition of stoning in every country.



Sous les pierres ma chair...